Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh Christmas tree!

Tree topper!  Love how unique it is!

       Jon and I

 This bell was on my parents tree when they were first married!


My tree!

New Homemade ornament, I made them this year!
WIll post more on these later!


Leah said...

What in the world???? You have your tree up already??? =)
Looks lovely! How are you enjoying your new SAHM status????

Angie Davis said...

Janella, the tree topper is really cool! I wanna put up the tree(s) here... ;o)

Sharra said...

Your tree is so pretty. Love the snowmen.

Jacki said...

Wow! I agree with Leah... tree up already? Mine's going up in like two weeks tho!!! :)