Monday, November 15, 2010

Homade Christmas gifts!

Well Katelynn and I tried our hand at making some homemade Christmas ornaments!
Here she is admiring some of her shapes all cut out.

Pardon some of the blurry shots...I was having some MAJOR issues with my camera.

She had so much fun cutting out the circles!
And playing in the flour!

The Snowman baking

The Snowman being painted and drying!

Some are ready for the tree and the rest just need ribbon attached.

And here is ours hanging on the tree!!!!

You can go Here and see how to do it yourself!!!
It was so easy!!!


Greg & Stephanie said...

Those are so cute, and what a fun time for momma and her girl! One of my fav memories with my mom is making ornaments, which consisted of beads on pipe cleaners. Those things have endured for years! Another idea a friend of mine did was to bake something like a gingerbread into ornaments, and the cinnamon smell still permeates my decor tubs, even after several years. I'm hoping to do that with my gals and my nieces this holiday. Glad you are getting to stay at home! :)

Mornings in Kansas said...

what kind of paint did you use?

Janella Thompson said...

Just regular craft paint from Wal-mart or Jo-anns. *or any other craft store* then sprayed it with some Glossy Clear Acrylic sealer.