Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1st Modge Podge craft

Got my floral foam FINALLY!!!  Those crazy things are more expensive than what I thought they would be. But thanks to 50% off at JO-Ann's I was able to get this for a little over $3

My 2nd floral arrangement I have done.  I am beginning to like doing this!  Still have a long way to being good at it...but I do enjoy it.

And here it is...I think the colors are a bit I mght have to add a few things to the center arrangement so that it flows well.  Not really sure.  I will keep staring at it...and maybe it will hit me...what I need to do.

Another arrangement that needed a MAKEOVER!
Since I am getting rid of the Apples in my kitchen.  This sign needed to go...BUT I kind of liked least the fact that it was a sign and it was destressed looking.  And a new sign this size would cost roughly $10. I could do that...but I have been seeing SO MANY makeover projects I decided to try one out myself.

After going through alot of scrapbook paper, I finally decided on a design that I felt would look nice in my kitchen. Got out my new bottle of Modge Podge (that I had on hand for another project...still waiting to be done..waiting on some stencils)  I have to say I was pretty excited to do this!

1. I placed the scrap paper on the sign and creased it on the edges where it hung over....then took a box cutter and sliced off the excess. 
2. then took my sponge brush and layered on the Modge Podge. Placed paper on top. Then smeared more modge podge on.

3. Then quckly before it dried I placed my center piece of SOLID scrap paper (that I had previously printed with a scripture and then measured and cut to fit) on top and smeared more Modge Podge on with my trusty sponge brush.
4. I repeated smearing more Modge Podge on every 15 min . About 4 times.
I learned not to do it to thick...and not to let it pool up making several white lines...that I had to peel off carefully with a knife.
5. After it was all dry...about 30 min after the last layer was put on...I took a coarse nail file and rubbed it over the top and the it gave it a rugged look. 
6. Lastly took a lightly damp cloth and wiped it over the entire sign...then a dry one to dry it all.

And after about 3 it is!
The one thing I don't like is when My kitchen light is on and if your standing directly accross from the can not read it due to the glare off the Modge Podge.
 Other than a few bubbles in it...I think it turned out ok..for my 1st Modge Podge project.


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Leah said...

Your projects around the house are turning out GREAT! Isn't it so fun when you have the time to be creative :)

Mindy said...

I love the new look and what you did with the picture! I'm at a creative standstill at the moment. Keep it up!

Jenny said...

I've bought Modge Podge, but have never used it. I keep thinking of all these things I want to do, but I have no mojo! Good job!

Mom said...

I REALLY like the new sign....better than the original. Love you!! Glad you're sooo creative....get it from your Dad, certainly not me!