Thursday, January 13, 2011

All in a winters day

I have HUGE like for them.  I say LIKE and not LOVE due to there are some issues with them.
In this SMALL bag  there are: (Katelynn's clothes)
2   socks
13 skirts
4 dresses
1 Halloween costume

FROM this Extra- Large bag:
1 twin size thermal blanket
2 large throws
4 baby blankets.

 Issues with the bag is it doesn't always keep it's seal well.  But if you get it into the area you want it and don't yank the bag around to much, and make sure your really get the zip lock bag locked well!
But It has saved me a ton of room with having a growing toddler with lots of clothes.


Anyone who has kids has made at least 1 homemade tent at some point.
Here was Katelynn's first real homemade tent!
I don't think she quite knew what to think when I started bringing all the kitchen chairs and her Highchair in the living room.
She had a blast.  Mind her outfit, we have been going thru clothes and just like a kid when you go through OLD toys they suddenly become their favorite again...well my daughter does that with her clothes.  She thinks she has to put them on.  SO the last few days we have worn OLD PJ shirts over our outfits.  I figured the layers are not going to hurt her and as funny as she looks, it keeps her happy.  And WHO CARES, we are at home..she should be happy and comfortable. 
 Mommy and Katelynn enjoying the tent
 Braving the cold..and enjoying the snow.

 Has to be one of MY FAVORITE OUTSIDE pictures of her!!!   TOTAL JOY!!!
 I think she had more fun rolling in the snow than anything!  Probably due to the fact she had several layers and couldn't move really well!  Mommy wanted to be sure she was warm! :)
 Yes, she ate lots of snow...and NO it was not YELLOW either!  I didn't think about it until I was shoveling the drive way and saw some and quickly got rid of it and had her stay away from that pile! 
SO winter has been enjoyed! 


Leah said...

I've wondered about these bags vs. using plastic tubs for everything. I have several comforters that it would be nice to store this way!! Love the tent and seeing the pics of you enjoying your precious Katie (ha!). Just had to put that :)

Mindy said...

I have some spacesaver bags. As long as they stay flat, zipped, and don't get poked, they do great!

Loved the outside pictures of your girlie! You're a great mom!