Friday, January 28, 2011

A budding artist

This year for Christmas, Jonathan really surprised me with a gift from Katelynn.
I LOVE crafting and making things and I love having someone to do them with now too.
He bought a mug that you can paint and draw on and then bake it.
I was pretty excited to do it...but wanted to I put it in a drawer and when I was packing things for vacation I found it..I was pretty excited to be able to do it.
Katelynn was pretty happy about it too.

 Mommy drew some pictures on it first then I gave her the paint an the brush and let her go to town.
As you can see I painted a little bit first to show her how it needed to be done.
 Concentrating hard on getting paint on her brush.
 Pretty excited to paint mommy's gift

 Getting quite colorful
 Learned to hold the brush pretty well for a 1 1/2  year old
 Finished product...Mommy was quite happy.

 Messy artist hands

 Enjoying a tasty Zebra cake as a treat after lunch
 Good till the last bite

 Having a little girl has been the BEST thing that has ever happened to me.  I have loved every minute of it!!!  When I was a working mom...I had so many dreams and wishes that I wanted to do..but just not enough hours in my days to do it all.  I became so overwhelmed and really started to HATE who I was becoming as a mom.  I was an anxious ball of nerves and would burst at every upset.  I had began praying long before Katelynn was born that MAYBE...just Maybe I could become a stay at home mom.  It was with a hopeful heart I listened to Jonathan as he told me I would probably be able to quit work in Oct 2010.  Even up to the month of Oct...I was so excited but part of me KNEW something bad was going to happen and I would not be able to quit.  Well the time came...and I was able to quit.  And somehow something in me began to relax.  I don't like to think of myself as a controlling person...BUT when it comes to my own life and family...I want to at least feel I can somewhat "Control" what is happening .  And with working...I felt TOTALLY lost.  My HEART GOES mommy's who WISH beyond anything that they could  stay home.  I know that feeling!!!!   I pray for different mom's that I know that wish they could have the stay at home life.
God has been so good to supplying our wants and our desires...and I am looking even more forward to the fact...that by the end of Summer 2011 with the exception of our house...we will be DEBT FREE!!!  God has helped us and is still helping us!


Leah said...

Good for you, girl! I'm so happy for you that your dreams are coming true and you are 'feeling' so much better in Mommyhood :)
Katelynn looks so grown up in these pictures...make her stop :) haha