Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas 1

Collingsworth, Hilligoss, Lavy, Baker, Thompson Christmas was last night!! Boy did we have lots have fun. We had great Papa Johns Pizza and breadsticks, with Garlic sauce included...and several different dips and cheese ball...Red Hot popcorn (quite addictive: thanks Aunt Kim!) and my mom's new punch. Which was festive. But one or two sips was enough for me. (Sorry, mom:( )
We also went caroling at the "Commons" were my grandma and grandpa stayed. It was really enjoyable. We went into a different ward and sang for several older ladies and a gentleman. Brandon and Brooklyn stepped out at different times and sang solos. (Jonathan is waiting for his next year. LOL)
We also played a GREAT game of Mad Gab. I will be honest I was not a big fan of the game until after last night. But we had played several rounds and even had about 6 TIE BREAKERS!!! Finally "Yours truly's team" WON!!!! (Way to go Lowell, Dad, Brooklyn, Danette and my self...along with our Party poopers but great cheerleaders, Jason and Jonathan)
I have inclosed 2 Mad Gab lines that my wonderful uncle Lowell made up! I will enclose the answers in a new post. Say them out loud it will help you get it better!! HAVE FUN.

MR puppies
MR not Puppies
OSAR Puppies


Christmas was great and a good time was had by all,
I think Jonathan really liked his gift, what do you think?


Regi said...
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Brenda said...

Mad Gab is so much fun! I like #2 here. :-)