Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oh the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!!!!

Most of you know that I am a court runner for the law firm I work at. Last week had to be one of the coldest weeks so far this year. I really bundle up for the event. I walk about 5 blocks one way to the courts 2 times a day, plus approx 3 blocks to and from my car. So that is roughly 26 blocks in the cold. Now don't go feeling to sorry for me, think of the calories that I burn!!! (Gotta think on the upside) In this picture Jonathan got carried away putting all my scarves on me. But gives you an idea how I might look out on the street. Aside from being one of the few ones in a skirt in downtown Indy, you would probably not know it was me in my.."Court Running Attire"


Brenda said...

Brrrrr! That makes me cold just thinking about it! Bundle up, girl!

Regi said...

Lol now that looks pretty funny!

blondyluvzyou said...

Hey Janella! I finally got one of these! Pretty cool!