Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Favorite Christmas!!!

Jonathan and I got up and got ready for church. We enjoyed a wonderful "Christmas Eve" service with a message of, "What Child IS THIS?" ( Very Good, thanks Bro.Herring)

When we came home Jonathan locked himself in the office and wrapped all my gifts. Bless his heart he knows I love to Open Paper wrapped gifts vs. opening a bag. So he tried to wrap most all my gifts. (This man spoils me to the uttermost. He has been giving me gifts since yesterday, than had to go buy more gifts for me last night. Even though I told him not to.)

Finally he emerged with arms full of wrapped gifts and a big boyish smile that melts my heart!! We had fun opening gifts. I got lots of scrapbook stuff, digital scales(Our fist and formost New years reselution), "organic" sheets (incredibly soft!!!) lotions, Dove body wash (smells great), Dove chocolate bar, Springform pans, living room clock, cook book,perfum and several other things. I got him a new outfit (burgandy sweater and brownish pants), a Colts T-shirt, and a Portfolio organizer. (to help him with his/our other new years reselution.)

We than enjoyed cold cuts, BBQ meatballs, cheese ball and summer sausage, nacho cheese and chips. Lets just say to much food and we bearly ate any of it.

Then after a "long winters nap" We started to watch a Christmas movie then decieded to hop in the car and look at Christmas lights then we came home and finshed our movie. It was a delightful Christmas with my WONDERFUL HUBBY!!! Darling, your truly the best Gift (besides Salvation) that God Has given me. I Love you!! (PS> Please mind the "PJ attire" in our Pictures)


Janette said...

I've been enjoying your photos and blog!