Saturday, December 23, 2006

Must have Christmas goodies

The wonderful time of Christmas at my family includes a host of wonderful, tasty, "fat-free", and delicious goodies. I would actually like to dedicate this post to Allyson Lavy. My wonderful cousine....she has a "Love affair" with Chocolate Buckeys. So the rest of this list of "must have Christmas goodies" (some Pictures included) is for you Ally!!!

Pictures from top left to right: Oreo balls (lacking the white chocolate I dip them in.) Ritz PB Crackers with white Chocolate.

Bottom left to right: 1.Peanut cluster, 2.Buckeyes in the middle of all the goodies, along with sugar cookies and a few other goodies. 3. white chocolate ceareal mix.

I also TRIED to make carmels this year. They turned out as long as you don't mind warming them up in the Microwave for approx. 10 seconds. Lets just say they were a little more trouble then they were worth.


Brenda said...

Ohhh - I love Christmas goodies. Buckeyes are awesome!