Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This christmas season has been fun. Jonathan got me a complete new outfit that he picked out all by himself. I was shocked, and the skirt and sweater werejust georgeous. He also took me to see the, "Christmas Carol" at the IRT. It was really neat.
I also went to UBC Christmas program. It was very touching. Plus going out with friends afterwards to Chili's. (Who can forget the drunks!!! :) ) Thanks to Jennifer, Phil, Andy, Jonathan, and Jananne for the memories.
So a veryMerry Christmas from Jonathan and I , and before the hustle and bustle of the Christmas weekend set in, I trust you take a moment to ponder the true meaning of Christmas and may you move closer this coming year to "the manger"! Luv you all and may "God bless us everyone"!


Regi said...

Wow! If that is the outfit then he did do a great job!

poke said...

yes that is the outfit. You cant really see on the skirt, but there are little black pearls all over the front.

Brenda said...

Very cool! I got to see A Christmas Carol this year for the very first time. It was a live production at Silver Dollar City - excellent!