Sunday, September 14, 2008

Corn butter?

Saw my nephew Devan and Bro-in-law Steve at Grandma Thompson's. We enjoyed a wonderful meal. Devan looked so cute and so grown up. He was not so thrilled at getting his picture taken, but with pushing from daddy we made it thru. Let's just say This is the better of his "fake" smiles. Actually it is really cute....but then agian that is the aunt coming out in me.

Kids are cute. Sitting with the younger ones across the table from me today was so funny. Donovan (it would be like Devan's 3rd cousine, I think) is 10 and was putting some butter on his bread. And Devan was like..."That's "corn butter", Jonathan looked at him and said "WHAT?" Devan said, "well that's the butter you always put on corn and the it's corn butter." I just had to laugh. So my spray butter will always be thought of as "Corn butter"


Constance said...

That is very cute. I will always think of "corn butter" every time I see it.