Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday vacation

SILVER DOLLAR of my favorite parts of vacation. We were able to get season passes so we went about 3 or 4 days off and on. It was a blast. We had NO lines....which normally happens when almost everyone in the park is old enough to be your grandma and grandpa. Although there was one chipper old couple that kept riding one of my favorite rides. (Powder Keg)

Pretty good ride, just a little jerky. I was scared Jonathan was going to get his hand cut off because he had his hands up so high.
A big spinny ride....that Jon wanted no part of. It spun around as well as going back and forth on a arced track. Pretty fun.
Big barn swing. Kind of like the Pirate ship ride (for those amusement park buffs) But you have NOTHING in front of you. Also made you feel like you were doing the huge rollar coaster hills over and over. It went really high....almost parallel with the bar it was swinging from!!!!
POWDER favorite ride. This ride is sent you straight out till there was no more tack. Then it lifted you up sideways to a different track...and you go forward just a little...then you wait...all the sudden WHOOOOOOOM shoots you straight up a huge hill and then straight back down. With lots of curves and one more huge hill!!! TOTALY AWSOME ride.

Another favorite

We had so fun. We realize we might not have many more vacations like this with out kids in tow. (NO I AM NOT HINTING!!! ) So we got to ride about 25 plus rides in just about 2 days.
We also got to go the the fish hatchery. It was kind of neat. Here the guy is transferring some of the bigger Salmon out of the baby tanks into the adult tank
Then Shopping!!!! YEA!!!!


Leah said...

Looks like you had a great time Janella. Glad you are back home safely!