Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Vacation at its best!!!!

On the way we JUST HAD to stop at Lamberts café. Home of the Throwed rolls!!!! Wonderful food, and we left stuffed and ready for a nap!!!

After we unloaded at the motel, we took off for Silver Dollar City and made it in time to sit FOREVER in the Outdoor theater…and wait for Jeff and Sherry Easter and Greater Vision sing!! It was a great concert. And we got to sit by a lovely older couple, who in looks alone the man reminded me and Jon of Papaw Collingsworth. (kind of a neat blessing)

Tuesday, we got up and rode the Ducks. Really neat ride. Our driver was really funny. And the ride down the steep road and Plunging in the water was great!!!! We then went and played Putt-putt which yours truly beat Darling Husband by 1 stroke. (Jonathan has accused me of cheating!) Then we went to “Shorty smalls” (a bbq place) Jon got Pork BBQ and I got taco salad. Then we headed to Silver Dollar City, on our season passes, and we were able to ride 5 rides all in less then 2 hours. (that included our tram rides to and from our car.) Kind of helps when every one in the park is old enough to be my grandparents!!!! I will post pics of that later. (It has been raining ALL of today so no Silver Dollar City today. Supposed to let up tomorrow afternoon.)

After a hour our so nap, we headed back to Silver dollar city for the Tally trio concert. But due to the heavy rain, we walked in the park for about 20 min. and then turned around and left and decided to go to a “Pierce Arrow” show. Which is a really great group we saw 4 years ago, and their comedy act is THE BEST!!!!!

In a few minutes we are off to see the Drama "The Promise". I am really excited to see it. We have enjoyed ourselves inspite of the rain, but are looking forward to a break in the rain so we can enjoy Silver Dollar City. I feel a little like Glen Payne and how he said "I love OLD PEOPLE" (die hard Cathedral fans will get that one.)
I will try to post again soon. Until then See ya!!!!


Leah said...

Glad you are having a good time!! See you soon.
- Leah

Mom said...

Glad you're enjoying Branson. All the Collingsworths are getting together to go out to eat after P&K's concert this Friday in Indy. Wish you were here!!

LJL said...

How cool that you are enjoying Branson. Been a few years since we have been there. The Promise is spectacular.

Constance said...

What a great time. It looks wonderful!

Jenny said...

I love Old People...I really do! Ha! I caught myself saying that a bunch when they commented on my waddling/roundness! :) :)