Sunday, September 14, 2008


Our vacation came to an end on Saturday (Sep 6), we were both sad. It had been one of my favorite and most relaxing vacations since my honeymoon. This is crazy but almost every afternoon we came back to the motel and took about a half-hour nap!!!! Are we old or what???

We also made good use out of the pool! It was NOT HEATED and very cold...but I guess we could be thankful for our "modest appearl" when it came to swimming. (LOL) We had it to ourselves all but the last time when 2 older men and an older lady got in. So I stayed in for a while longer and Jonathan went and worked out in the exercise room.

After checking out we went shopping a little more.
we found some good deals here.

And more shopping!!!!!

MY handsome HUBBY!!!

(Just so you know...we ended up having to put a new fuel pump in our other car....but hey at least it broke down on us in Indiana and not in Branson.)


Regi said...

No kiddin'! God blessed you with a car that decided to go out at the beginning of the trip instead of the middle or the end!