Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday Vacation

Water ride day at silver dollar city. (even though we only did one water ride) We rode several of the other rides again too.

On a side note: I don't really like my skirt that I have on. But I needed something light to wear. I found Wind pant style capri pants for $1 a piece. So I bought 2 paris unsewed them and made a skirt out of them. One big trouble was they were about 2 sizes to big....but with the draw string i could pull it tighter. It did make it a little uncomfortable because they were to big...and it looked a little bunched. But Jon said it didn't look to bad. And it dried SOOOO fast.(I think next time I will let my mom walk me thru it...I was ready to throw my sewing machine thru the window!!!!)

The big rocking chair.....Whoohoo I feel skinny!

Our big wet ride...The American plunge. ( I remember this ride as a kid)

There she goes

I got pretty wet because Jonathan ducked!!! That little stinker!

One of our favorite eating places....Dana's Burger and BBQ (or something like that)

I got BBQ Chicken Nachos. Jon got a combo plate with chicken and sausage. He couldn't eat all of it so we took the chicken to the motel.

BRANSON LANDING....Friday night we went shopping. It was a little like those Open air Malls Like Metropolis or Clay Terris. Plus it was by some waterfront. Which was SOOOO relaxing!

Just kidding...although Jonathan would be thrilled if we could afford something like this. Maybe one day, but he did ask to have his picture by it.
A very squinty but relaxed and in love couple!!!!
There was a golf cart parked outside one of the stores and Jonathan snuck and sat down in it and said "Quick take my Picture" He is so funny! Just like a big kid!

Our dinner....kind of like a Denny's in a way. They had a small buffet with some big meats on it but it was $10 and we were not that hungry. So I got a club sandwich and I forget what Jon got. The service was very southern and wonderful.
She shoots and scores!!!>>>>>>>>
HE SHOOTS AND SCORES>>>>>>>>36 holes later we were still at a tie.
And good natured as we are we left it that way!!!!
World largest Banjo. I just had to give it a pluck!!!

Our favorite treat on vacation!!! We had several coupons for it so, with it being Jon's favorite most days we only ate 1 big meal...we indulged.

Jonathan loves his ice cream
(almost more than my mom does....and my mom REALLY loves ice cream.)
SHOULD I BE JEALOUS of the new love?????


Regi said...

That last picture is SOOOOO hilarious and SOOOO Jonathan!