Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting everything updated

Ok I know better late than never.....but Tasha's baby shower was Aug 29. She got a lot of nice things and she was so excited to be getting totaly ready for baby Madelynn Grayce.
(for those that care an update on Tasha...she is dialated to 2 and is 80% efaced. Madelynn is weighing 5 1/2 lbs. She went into labor a week ago but they got it stopped by giving her a shot. As of now she is not having any heavy contractions....and the due date is still Oct 10, but we will see if shse makes it. Just keep praying for the healthy delivery of baby Madelynn and for Tasha to stay well too.)

a special card from Aunt Nella
A scrapbook for baby Madelynn from Aunt Nella and Uncle Jon
A special gift from Sis.Dahler
Every girl needs her shopping money!!! :)
Toys from Heather and Becca (I think)
To cute dress from Lisa Franklin
Cousin Jonny with Grandma Shepherd
She's a beauty queen already!!
Saturday Aug 30.....Jonathan had gotten a invitation to a sneak peak dinner at Red Robin.
FOR FREE!!!!! We went with Steve and boy I think it was one of the best meals we have ate....everything taste better when it's free. Each one was given a certain part of the menu that they could order off of. Ours was the hamburgers. Plus anything that they brought us from the "bar" in form of ice cream or specialty drinks. (non-alcholic) were free too!!!

Cindy our great waitress
A FREE BlueBerry Milkshake
Steve was a little excited about our "dreamsicle milkshake" ( not really I was the only one that really liked it.) This was the 3rd of our drinks. Our first (missed getting a picture) was a root beer float. Funny thing...when the waitress offered. Jonathan kind of stammered around and then said " thank you" Steve was like "Are you nuts...yes we will take it!! Steve and I were laughing...because we knew Jon had just heard the word...BEER.....and thought it was an actual alcholic. We just had to laugh.
Burger time. We actually all got Turkey burgers they were soo good. We walked out of there so full!!! But we had so much fun. And our waitress was the best....the boys had so much fun with her.

Aug 31....Last Sunday's of the month, at our church, is Youth night. We had Phil and Jenn come and give us a concert. They brought Jananne who joined them in singing on the last song "The Church Triumphant" The Lord really settled down and people were shouting the Praises to God. Then we had a great time of fellowship afterwards.

Phil doing one of the things he does best. Aside from being such a dear friend to Jon and I ...and marrying one of the bestest friends I have ever had, in just a few short weeks, he is also 2nd in my fav's of piano players. (My aunt would have to take top notch.)


Constance said...

I loved all of the stuff that she got from the baby shower. Hopefully Tasha can hold on. I had Joshua 4wks. early and he did fine. Glad you had a great time on your vacation, it is always nice to get away. Keep us posted on Tasha.