Tuesday, February 17, 2009


God has been blessing us to overflowing here at Central Wesleyan Church. About a month ago…God settled down in our song service and a woman, Patty, who had been coming to our church for about 3 years or so, made her way to the alter. Then just moments behind her was her husband, John. She was weeping and than rejoicing that her husband had joined her. I think the Lord saved her before she even got to the altar. She and her husband had been backslidden for almost 10 years. If I remember right, she had come to our church as a little girl to our Sunday school too. It has been so exciting to watch them grow and testify. Patty can hardly keep quite to what the Lord has saved her from. She says she needs a seatbelt to keep her in her pew. Her husband John is a little more quiet. But he testifies almost every service too. He has been saying that God has been helping him with his temper…when Family and people hurt him or get on his nerves. His wife has made mention of how He gets up early and she knows he is out on their couch reading his Bible and praying.

Another new convert we have is Travis Johnson’s mother Gina, she has been backslidden for years….and God saved her in her home. God also delivered her of a strong smoking habit, instantly. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! She has been testifying to the fact that she is so Thankful that God has made her “sweet” again. She said she was so mean and ugly hearted but God has just filled her heart with a sweetness.

When God settles down on our service all three of our new converts are up Praising the Lord and weeping. It brings tears to my own eyes as I write…of the FAITHFULNESS OF GOD!!! These 3 have been on our prayer list at our church for sometime and it has been a SUPER encouragement to our church people to see the conversion and change in each one of them. They have lit fires under we Christians, to not lose our own excitement of the CHANGE He has made in our lives. And to let the “GLOW OF CHRIST RADIATE THRU US!!!”

Another “Young convert” in our church is a man named Albert Jr. He has some mental handicaps, but God has been changing his life tremendously! He used to smoke and drink and God had delivered him of both habits! He testifies almost every service he has a chance. You have to really listen to him to understand what he is saying…but he says “I don’t know why God…..” basically voicing what we all feel that we do not deserve God’s forgiveness and Grace. He has even been trying to witness to his ungodly brother Timmy…who is caught up in drinking and smoking. And now his brother is thinking about God a lot more. Albert testified last Sunday that God showed him, not everyone is a good singer, and he know he doesn’t sing good, but God takes all of our voices and accepts it a praise to HIS name.

God has been blessing our services over and over…it is exciting to come to church. As it should be!!! Bro. Herring has been preaching on God’s grace out of the book of James. I am excited to see what God will do for us the future…oh the devil is fighting during the week. But we come together and we share our sorrows and our battles and give the devil (as Pattie likes to put it) “a black eye.or even 2 Black eyes!!!!! She even said a few weeks ago, she couldn’t understand why Adam and Eve would sin. She said “if he knew the tree was going to be that much of a temptation why didn’t he just CHOP THE TREE DOWN!!!.

If God has been blessing you or your church I would love to hear about it. And if you feel dry…just hold on and don’t lose hope….I am sure Rain is on the way. But ask yourself “what can I do to help God’s presence be seen and felt in my church, in my life?” You may hold the key!!

(ok lets stand and be dismissed…I am getting out of the pulpit now!!!)


Leah said...

This is really awesome Janella! But yes, you do sound like a preacher :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank God for His faithfulness and thank you for sharing! God is helping us here in Falmouth, too. But, there is still much work to be done! May we all stay encouraged in this work! Jason

Tamra said...

Wow, this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Walden said...

That's great news. I didn't realize that Travis' Mom attended your church. I had heard that she had gotten saved!

We have a prayer list too and have recently seen people saved that we've been praying for too! You're right, it is very exciting!

Jody J said...

Awesome, Janella. We've been hearing wonderful reports from Gina. It's so good to hear her talk about the wonderful services. Keep praying for her husband. She said he was really under conviction one Sunday and hasn't been back.
We too have been having wonderful resutls at our church. Several new adults have been coming and receiving a lot of help. We've been having wonderful services! God must be getting us ready.

gina said...

hi Janella my adopted daughter I can't wait for that baby to get here. Yes...what wonderful services we are having. One can't wait to get to church afraid to miss cause we might miss a blessing. A friend of mine told me not to get to caught up in our church she knew of an old friend of ours that was starting a church and thought i should give it a try. I said, sorry...can not do, can't leave my new church family to many exciting things happening at Central these days.